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Now here's how you can get three very valuable PageRank9 backlinks:

     1- You can get a quality backlink from GooglePlus. Register at if you haven't done so. Then go to your profile, and click on 'Edit Profile'. Click 'About'. Now click on 'Recommended Link' and type your anchor text in the label box , and the url in the url field. You can add as many sites as you want here. You can also type something in the 'introduction' and have a link with an 'anchor text' linking to your site. Wow , now you have a backlink from Google :)
     2-Next, you can get a PageRank9 from
Open, goto click on 'Forums' and register. After logging in with your username/password, go to the Forums page. Look for a thread called "Your Wordpress". Start a new thread, and call it "I have started using wordpress" or anything you want . Hence, leave a nice backlink in the text field like this:
"Hey, Wish you a great day. Check my site at "<a href="/img_articles/20771/url" YOUR KEYWORD </a>" . Your comments are very appreciated "
Congratz , now you have another backlink from Wordpress :)
     3- Next, you will get a PageRank9 from
Goto and register. In the 'About Me' field, just use the same message above . Submit your details and activate your account. Thats it.
     4- Open
Register, and then go to your setting page. Add a similar message to the 'Profile Description' Field.

Hope you liked it. For a complete thorough list, click here to get high quality backlinks and improve your SEO

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